Monday, December 31, 2007

'E' is for Egg

Egg plant that is.

'D' is for Destroy

Destroy - verb, as in, "DESTROY ALL HUMANS!!"

'C' is for Coelacanth

Sunday, December 30, 2007

'B' is for Bumpy

I present to you the Bumpy Crud Worm (Wyrmbumpicus crudtasticus)

'A' is for Algae

I found my pocket dictionary, so I'm gonna go through the alphabet and do a 30 minute photoshop painting thingy for each letter. So here's the first one. I'll have the other 42 17 4.234 93 rest of the letters up before school starts again.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Action Bastard Action Kick!!!

This is the guy from Shin Chan. All the kids in the show watch his show. He's a super hero that fights severely inapropriatly named enemies and his show usually ends with some kind of commercial to sell crappy toys. I'd link a clip but I can't seem to find any in english.
So here's Shin dressed like him:

And here he is, with a cheesey background and everything:

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I'm back from Christmas at my grandaparents and I wish i had a scanner... I got some of the stuff I've been working on hammered out a little better. I think it would go by a lot faster if i could consentrate on a single project without getting sidetracted by another one.

So, I'm currently working on: Wizard of oz (8 characters), Xialed (a whole game), The four forces (4 characetrs + bg) and I also started a 3d model of the space goat. Now if i can just finish some of it.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Spore + Xavier = fecking weird

The folk's over at have managed to find a weird ass blog posted by one of the guys over at EA. It's a bunch of spore creature animations. I'm hoping they will keep it updated often!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The ScareCrow

This guy goes along with the jitterbug from an earlier post. I decided to do a series of characters based on the wizard of oz. Aside from the jitterbug and the scarecrow, i'm also working on the tinman and the cowardlylion, and maybe dorothy, toto, glenda, etc. It just depends how long these first ones take i guess. Below are a few attempts. I'll probly scrap em all.

The Big Guy

This is one of the main characters from a game idea I had goin a while back. He's a hermit old man that lives in a mountain and hordes all his crap around on his back. I still haven't thought of a good name for him though. Any suggestions?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Hunchback

This guy is kinda.... simple. He lives in the old run down church outside of town. A 14th century French town. He goes along with the space goat. When the goat lands he thinks its a fallen angel and starts taking orders. It's too bad the hunchback is kinda dumb and the goat is insane. Hilarity/Human casualties ensues.

Space Goat

This is a goat. He's from space. Therefore he has some kinda robotic face and arms. He used to have two wings, but the other one fell off on re-entry. It's his big quest/goal to find it so he can leave earth and go... do stuff in space I guess. I planned for those big tubes at his ankles (wrists?) to be like giant guns and stuff. Like, his hooves fold up inside and some big ass auto cannons pop out, transformers style. I think it would be funny if he had a giant ego about how back in the day he could tear wholes in time-space and was ruler of blah blah blah, but he's only like two feet tall.

I hope to model this guy either this week or next. It shouldn't take long since he's pretty simple. Also I'll get a chance to use this kickass toon shader I found.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I'm sick about hearing who everyone wants to be in brawl. "I want megaman, and they should put more pokemon, and Mr. Game and Watch is bottom teir..." Annoying.

So, here's who I want in brawl :P

The first two have only had one game of their own, but are friggin awesome. Mainly cuz these were the main characters from my first RPG's back in the day of the SNES, so without further ado, some pictures of Ness (Earthbound) and Geno (Mario RPG) I found.Ness Probably isn't going to be in Brawl because it seams he's been replaced by Lucas, the main character from the sequal to Ness's game. Image found at some random forum.

Geno also won't be in brawl because he is partially owned by SquareEnix. But, who wouldn't want a possesed wooden doll as a fighter? Image found at Rool could be in brawl, but maybe not. He is Donkey Kong's biggest baddy, but there isn't as much fan support as there is for Ness and Geno (who were both at the top of the roster poll). I had to make this pic myself. It's King K Rool (donkey kong country) with Captain K Rool's blunderbuss (dkc 2) and K Roolenstein's backback helicopter thing (dkc 3).

Anyways, I couldn't hold back. I had to let my inner nerd shine. Plus these pictures rock my socks.

Creature thing

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Joan of Arc, sorta

This is the reason I've been so crazy busy lately. It's based on the joan of arc tutorial, but just barely. The only part I used from the tutorial was the body, I came up with all the armor on my own.

And for the record, I hate unwrapping UV's.
Also, these renders are pretty low rez, so if you wanna see a different angle or something closer up, just ask.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Self Portrait

The painted dots. A gradiant underneath to make it a little smoother.

I thought I'd try out that thing Joe has been doing over at his blog ( I'll probably try more of these, cuz I don't think I got the gestural quality of his. Looks more like big blobby pixels or something.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Unused Colossi

A while back a sweet ass game called Shadow of the Colosus came out. In the game there were 16 (I think) bosses you could fight, each one a gigantic cross between creature, landscape and ancient ruins. I stumbled across this and found out that there were actually several more colossi that were taken out of the game. I posted some of the best ones, you can see the rest on the link:
A third "small" colossus to go along with the two "lions".

War of the worlds spider?

Possibly a monkey?
Alternate versions of a collosus that made it into the game.


A gargoil/gremlin thing. Looks like he would be fast...

A bird boss left out of the game. A vulture or a peacock?

The colossus from the very first trailer/demo.

And the best for the last, A FRIGGIN DRAGON!!!!!
I have no idea why any of these were left out, except maybe a lack of funds. It could also be because of a small team (around 30 people) that they ran out of time and had to move on with only 16 colossi. This is the same team that made Ico, so hopefully their next game will incorporate some of these guys. Fingers crossed!