Friday, November 23, 2007

First post

Since this is my first post I thought it would be good to post something from early on. In one of the first classes here at AIA (maybe color theory) I did a watercolor version of Van Goh's starry sky.

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Could have been beter, but not bad for a medium i'm no good at.

Oh, and check out the flash site I made. I've been meaning to update it recently, but i probably will wait till the christmas break when i have some really nice life drawing and character models to put up.


Joe Karg said...

What up dawg. I thought you were the asian kid based on your portrait. It wasn't until I saw your sculpture that I realized who you were.

Sweet stuff though. I like this Van Gough piece a lot. Great colors. The car is cool too. I'm not much for 3-D, but I'm diggin it. You should check out my friend David Drinkard's blog and check out his car. It's on my friends list.


Anonymous said...

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