Saturday, January 26, 2008

Life Drawings Finaly

These are the least crappiest of my life drawings from the last two sessions. Next weeks will hopefully be better. I still don't really get how to use my scanner because i had a few more, but they don't come in dark enough to see. Anyways, more of these (and better ones) next week.


Karen said...

They are a very pretty drawings

Yusuke Sato said...

lookin gooo-
i like the shorter timed one on urs. nice curvs.

yea, my scanner got screwed up somehow too, so I just take photos of my drawings and put em in photoshop and adjust the levels. its not the best way, but it works :p

Jason Barnes said...

nice rhythm and form, you're proportions are nice too. as for line quality, try getting those sweeping s-curves (ie: the back, hips, etc) in one motion. it'll help to make the curves of the figure "pop" more, giving a better sense of motion and overall form.