Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Stuff!

Over the break I bought some anatomy books. I had some time so I drew some stuff out of them:

I also got this sweet ink brush from binder's that was on sale. Props to Yusuke, otherwise I would not have known what the heck it was for.

And, is it just me or does this ink blob look like Eustace Bagge from courage the cowardly dog???

... creepy stuff happens in Nowhere.
This last thing is by Joe Karg. Check out his stuff at his site and also El Grande. I will be doing something realted to this a little later on.


Mirella said...

Good! Expecially I love last draw^^I love anatomy!!

EL GRANDE said...

Hey Andrew,
Thanks for the shout out. Very cool. My favorite is that bird's eye image. Sick! Try and have your final drawing on the paper of your choice for monday.

Draw lightly so we can make adjustments though ok.


!LEON! said...

Thanks for the comments man, I really dig the construction line on the anatomy sketch.

Chi Duong said...

very nice! I love anatomical drawings, and yours are pretty darn good. oh, and I'll be needing you to block my view every now and then from the creepy guy if he passes by.

Mirella said...

Hello^^ Midnight saluto!!