Sunday, October 18, 2009

Moar stuff

First up is the intro to my demo reel. Not rendered yet, but here is a playblast. The animation is still a little wonky, But with the camera shakes, I don't think it will be super noticeable. Ignore the placeholder meshes, they will be replaced with my weapons and shield.

Also attached is the inspiration for the whole piece from EA Mythic's Warhammer Online.

I also took Bryan's advice and tweaked my blend heads. I re-did the lighting so that much more detail is visible and tweaked the material pretty heavily for more of a clay texture. Sadly the badass decimation plug-in doesn't work for blend shapes, since it re-topologizes based on detail. I wish I would have known about that plug-in earlier, I've been using a workaround through 3dsMax that was kind of a pain.


Bryan Wynia said...

I did not even think of the plugin changing the point order. The new materials look great. Glad to hear your taking the Gnomon master class. Make sure and check out the Shifflet Bros!

Bryan Wynia said...

One not on your intro: to many titles. If you wanna do characters for games simple put, Character Artist. Digital sculpting and modeling are parts of the job. Your title is very important. Make sure and "brand" yourself.

Jeff said...

Hey Andrew, came by and man I'm blown away by your progress. Very awesome work man. All of the busts and how they blend are great.

I'm a big fan of the very first one personally, because I enjoy the hard edge style of 3D figures.

Keep rockin' it man.

Giovanni Roschini said...

nice works here ! i like me heads turntable!

delatorre said...

cool man your new stuff looks really great. keep them coming!

pacsauer said...

Cool idea Andrew. We all know what your your models and textures will be spot on for this, but I'd work on the timing of how things happen a little differently. That intro from EA games looks a little like a History channel documentary intro. Everything seems to happen in the same amount of time in the same way. Maybe make some parts fall into place faster or differently. When I see the parts, I think of sounds like a hammer or axe on a shield in battle. Maybe study some charts for a heavy dense object (Williams page 90 something). Maybe think about "dropping" the weapons into the interface or slinging them down? Not sure... think you can be more creative with how things move that's all.

Ken said...

Nice intro though I agree a tad with pacsauer - maybe play with timing and such to spice it up a bit more, a bit of variation in timing etc. But I reckon a fully rendered one will look a lot different so its hard to say! Im looking forward to seeing it with your weapons and shield in there, cool stuff!!!!

JoE KaRg said...

Nice to hear from you Andrew. Your work is looking kick ass man. Better and better by the day. You have to come down to SCAD this Thursday night for our "Open Studio" event. Free food and drink. Awesome art as well. 6-10. Tell your friends.


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