Thursday, November 19, 2009

A whole month gone by

Been cracking my head over portfolio stuff. I took a break last week and decided to sculpt a new character and finish my horse by splitting it into a draft horse and a demon horse. More of those three later.

Also finished a green chavant sculpture of a fat guy, not entirely unlike Billy's dad. More of him later as well.

In the meantime here is my flatbook so far, and check out my website


ChrisNeuenschwander said...

Nice body of work! That female anatomy sculpture came out really nice!

ps - my word verification that I have to type is "heemew"... I guess the sound a cat-donkey hybrid would make? A Conkey perhaps?

Chasarsis said...

It's looking pretty nicely rounded and layed out now!

Jason Barnes said...

sick flat-pages andrew. when's the show?

Ron Jones said...

Yo these are awesome... And I love your page's layout

Anonymous said...

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