Saturday, July 25, 2009


Some stuff I've been working on. Nazgul is nearing completion now that if figured out the problem with the uv's. Looking pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

Nazgul's horse. Just making it a regular horse to begin with. Later it will be emaciated, undead, and posed. Maybe give it that broken back thing that some horses get.
with hair planes and such

starting some busts to be put into a blend shape animation (good example here at 2:30) . I plan on doing several by graduation, so I'm trying to spend under 10 hours each. nearing 5 on this one.reference from good old

Friday, July 10, 2009

Finish Him!

I am seriously sick of messing with this nazgul guy. I never get to spend a big chunk of time on him so It ended up getting spaced out over like 2 quarters. He WILL BE DONE in less than 2 weeks, including most of his horse!!!!!! Beginnings of texturing. I tried reapplying normals, texture etc to lowest poly mesh (around 5k) looks crummy, so i will probably just use a higher subdivision, or crunch a higher one or somthing.

Also his teeth are glowy because of matcap and reversed normals, and he will be MUCH paler.

"AAAAAaaaaaarrrgggghhhhh!! Fear me and my horrible UV seams!!!"