Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stymphalian birds

Modeling is basically finished, just playing with some rendering options and stuff like that. I will unwrap and texture a few pieces, but most of it will be just shaders. Tiki head soon!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

DW4 Update

Forum link!

Dominance war is going pretty slow, BUT I SHALL FINISH!!! The clothes will be all but see through, especially in the back, and he will have snarly broken little teeth and some wispy old, dead guy hair. The cloth and hair will be made wispy and tattered with alpha map. PLUS, he will be glowing from inside his chest cavity like a puffer fish lantern. Hopefully bringing in the teeth and eyes will make him look less like he is sneezing. And then onto the horse...

I'm also working on a steam punk robot bird (1/2 done), a tiki head (more like 1/3 done), and pretty soon I'll be starting some low poly environment stuff. After THAT I'm doing a Goya/Rodin homage by recreating Goya's "Saturn devouring his children" but with a rough Rodin sculpture style. This is gonna be a super busy quarter, but I tend to do best with pressure, so here goes!!