Monday, March 23, 2009

Massive dump

It's the end of the quarter so, finally here is some stuff:

First up is the rhino. Really brilliant concept by Chi Duong, I was really glad I finnaly got a chance to model one of her super cute designs. Kind of a Madagascar style, not textured yet. To make it fit the style mroe, I think I may add the concentric nose swirl thing they all have.

Next is the robot. Started it for a contest but i ended up not getting anywhere near done. I do plan to go ahead and finish it. I will do a polished new robot and a battered old rusty robot with the same mesh to practice different texture stuff.

concept. I plan on building most of the background as well.

"final" render. I need to drop the horns, they were there to help it fit the contest better, but they don't aid the design much.

And this started as a project for a mythology class as a nazgul from lord of the rings. However I am going to push the design much further to make it more interesting. I plan on making him look as though he is a hollow dried skin stretched over bones, with a glow from inside.

concept (very much inspired by Warhammer, I need to stray away from this a bit)

low poly mesh

high res, first zbrush pass

Horse mesh with poly plains for the hair. Here is what I plan to do there.

I also finished my anatomy sculpture, just need to take some pictures. It came out pretty nice, but the main thing is my anatomical knowledge skyrocketed with that thing. I thought I knew some anatomy before, but now it is much more solid.