Monday, March 23, 2009

Massive dump

It's the end of the quarter so, finally here is some stuff:

First up is the rhino. Really brilliant concept by Chi Duong, I was really glad I finnaly got a chance to model one of her super cute designs. Kind of a Madagascar style, not textured yet. To make it fit the style mroe, I think I may add the concentric nose swirl thing they all have.

Next is the robot. Started it for a contest but i ended up not getting anywhere near done. I do plan to go ahead and finish it. I will do a polished new robot and a battered old rusty robot with the same mesh to practice different texture stuff.

concept. I plan on building most of the background as well.

"final" render. I need to drop the horns, they were there to help it fit the contest better, but they don't aid the design much.

And this started as a project for a mythology class as a nazgul from lord of the rings. However I am going to push the design much further to make it more interesting. I plan on making him look as though he is a hollow dried skin stretched over bones, with a glow from inside.

concept (very much inspired by Warhammer, I need to stray away from this a bit)

low poly mesh

high res, first zbrush pass

Horse mesh with poly plains for the hair. Here is what I plan to do there.

I also finished my anatomy sculpture, just need to take some pictures. It came out pretty nice, but the main thing is my anatomical knowledge skyrocketed with that thing. I thought I knew some anatomy before, but now it is much more solid.


Jason Barnes said...

i've decided, you're my new go-to guy for modeling and texturing. definitely one of the first people i'll call when i (or anyone i know) need some modeling done for a project.

you've kinda out done yourself with these recent projects. can't wait to see what you do for your senior stuff.

Cherrylion Workshop said...

Wow Andrew. These projects are above and beyond anything I've seen from you. Hat's off brother. I'm really floored. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I'm moving away from the dongs for a while, but I have a feeling they'll come around again in the future.

Hope all is well otherwise man.


Bryan Wynia said...

glad to see you working so hard man.keep up the great work!

Marco Roblin said...

I'm becoming a fan of your work! Your number 1 fan! Not like Kathy Bates in Misery, but close!
All the best!

pointpusher said...

Thanks for the kind words Andrew! I dig your work as well man, keep on posting!

Heather Berry said...

All I can say is, Damn! Your work just keeps getting better. I hope you are starting to see what everyone else does, that you are awesome!

Mirella said...

wow, rino and horse are tooooo cool!! I love so much!!!! you're great, I admire people who can do this things :D

wimPcheeSe said...

the rhino's mine, but that robot is awesome!

Omar Rodriguez Animation said...

man, you are awesome!