Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Jitterbug

I started doing a more graphic version of a cartoon character i did for a class. While i was developing him and learning some anatomy, I came up with a sweet idea for a lineup of about 5 other characters. I'll be posting about that later on.
origional guy: some development on trying to get the right head, since the first one was too cartoony and didn't fit in with all the muscle detail.

final (sort of)

I'm not sure on the hands and feet so, I'll rework those. Anyways, I'll be posting the hands and the finished painting at the same time so, don't hold your breathe. And like I said before, he's not going to be alone, I've got a whole lineup (not the one above).

Friday, November 23, 2007

First post

Since this is my first post I thought it would be good to post something from early on. In one of the first classes here at AIA (maybe color theory) I did a watercolor version of Van Goh's starry sky.

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Could have been beter, but not bad for a medium i'm no good at.

Oh, and check out the flash site I made. I've been meaning to update it recently, but i probably will wait till the christmas break when i have some really nice life drawing and character models to put up.

Plymouth Prowler

It seems like alot of the stuff I'm working on this quarter is digital, but these assignments are soo time consuming, especially when i keep adding stuff to the project to make it cooler. Take this car for example. I was ahead of the whole class (as usual) by about a week, so I went in and added the actual 6 piston caliper, 5 point axel pivot, hydrolic brake line, and pretty acurate attachment knuckle to the front axel. It seemed really awesome in polygon with just a lmabert shader and rendered really well, but with the sub d's on and the 4 layer chrome shader (with "metal"grain) the raytracing got so complicated it crashed my computer..... so, once I find a better way to handle the shaders with that much detail on my crummy computer, I'll repost.

Hopefully my car will look more realistic with better rendering (fingers crossed).

Chinese Viking boat

The assignment was for a boat similar to a yacht, but with a reasonable level of detail. Yachts are boring, so instead I racked my brain trying to come up with the ultimate boat. It came down to two: Viking ship and Chinese sail boat. So the obvious solution was to slap em together into a boat that looks cool, but probably would never actually work.

And yes, they did have USDA approved life preservers on 4th century chinese/viking boats.

Painted Sculpture

I started sculpting this a while back in Elie Guevara's class, but it turned out pretty nice considering it's only my second sculpture, so I wanted to go ahead and push it further. The pictures aren't great (i should have some better ones up soon) but the extra 2 dozen or so hours spent painting it were definatley worthwhile.
Some reference drawings:

Crummy photos of finished work:

You can almost smell the stank coming off of those fungus infested toenails...