Friday, November 23, 2007

Plymouth Prowler

It seems like alot of the stuff I'm working on this quarter is digital, but these assignments are soo time consuming, especially when i keep adding stuff to the project to make it cooler. Take this car for example. I was ahead of the whole class (as usual) by about a week, so I went in and added the actual 6 piston caliper, 5 point axel pivot, hydrolic brake line, and pretty acurate attachment knuckle to the front axel. It seemed really awesome in polygon with just a lmabert shader and rendered really well, but with the sub d's on and the 4 layer chrome shader (with "metal"grain) the raytracing got so complicated it crashed my computer..... so, once I find a better way to handle the shaders with that much detail on my crummy computer, I'll repost.

Hopefully my car will look more realistic with better rendering (fingers crossed).

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