Saturday, December 15, 2007


I'm sick about hearing who everyone wants to be in brawl. "I want megaman, and they should put more pokemon, and Mr. Game and Watch is bottom teir..." Annoying.

So, here's who I want in brawl :P

The first two have only had one game of their own, but are friggin awesome. Mainly cuz these were the main characters from my first RPG's back in the day of the SNES, so without further ado, some pictures of Ness (Earthbound) and Geno (Mario RPG) I found.Ness Probably isn't going to be in Brawl because it seams he's been replaced by Lucas, the main character from the sequal to Ness's game. Image found at some random forum.

Geno also won't be in brawl because he is partially owned by SquareEnix. But, who wouldn't want a possesed wooden doll as a fighter? Image found at Rool could be in brawl, but maybe not. He is Donkey Kong's biggest baddy, but there isn't as much fan support as there is for Ness and Geno (who were both at the top of the roster poll). I had to make this pic myself. It's King K Rool (donkey kong country) with Captain K Rool's blunderbuss (dkc 2) and K Roolenstein's backback helicopter thing (dkc 3).

Anyways, I couldn't hold back. I had to let my inner nerd shine. Plus these pictures rock my socks.


Yusuke Sato said...

If i can request, they should put more female characters in the game. so far they have zelda, samus, and peach? It's like 9:1 ratio of male and female (som unclassified, but thats besides the point). Then again I can't think of any female nintendo character from top of me head except those 3......

That creature you did looks pretty nice. Your structures getting better, Elio's class really helped huh. I know it did for me.

btw, I'll prob get smashbros around january(japaneeeez ver.) so, we should hang out and do like tournys with JP and Aaron and ppl.

andrewQuintiliani said...

I agree with the female characters thing. As much as I hate clones, Daisy wouldn't be a horrible character. She could be different from peach by using sports moves or something? Also Krystal (star fox chic) might be in smash bros. The best girl character ever would be Birdo though, from mario 2. Shootin eggs all over the place.

I can't wait until January 24! Hooray for earlier japanese release date! WOO

Anonymous said...

I know this is really old and the game has come out months past now but...just like to point out that....Birdo is not a female. lol :x

Also as for the female characters that SHOULD have been added...I think Lyndis from Fire Emblem would have been a better playable character than a assist trophy.