Saturday, November 22, 2008

Still alive

Finally have time to post some stuff!! YAY! This quarter has been super busy, I feel like I have barely even slept. Next one should be really great though, and this break I will be doing some pretty sweet stuff as well. Anyways here is some WIP stuff.

First up, some assets for the level we are building in Background and environments. All concept art by Yusuke. I made other stuff, but mostly unimpressive low poly objects like pots, vases, columns and benches and stuff. I'll post all that when it's textured and in the game (unreal 3 engine).

Character launching crossbow.

Wall decoration

Large totem pole.
Simplistic Idol.

Shrine God.

And of course the actual level itself. Essentially it's a ginormous cactus tower, with loads of little bridges and stuff. The player weaves in and out of hollowed out sections and spirals up some of the cactus "branches". I won't give away the ending just yet, but it's pretty epic.

And this is for the game animation class. During the first part of this quarter I had some free time kinda so I built my own model for the rig. You will be seeing muuuuch more of her soon.

Whew. Tomorrow I will be scanning in TONS of drawings. I haven't scanned anything in for a looong while. I've also got some other stuff in the works including a zombie bear, a robot, and dr. seuss car. Now I just need some time to do it....


Jason Barnes said...

no one is bigger friends with Lee than myself. we're so tight i'd take a bullet for her, maybe even two. but if it hurt i'd definitely blame it on her and probably shoot her in the knee or something.

so, that's a lot of stuff you been workin on.

i like the level and it's fat-assets. the 8 armed goddess is nuts. very solid modeling.

only thing is the female at the end has enormous feet. they're like moon-shoes. everything else about her is hot though. like "bring-home-to-mom" hot.

Nick said...

Wow! You just dropped the mother load! Nice modeling as usual!

Yusuke Sato said...

hmm... they all look so...

Bryan Wynia said...

The female character topo is looking really cool man. Let see that column with the normal applied and a light on it. Keep rocking!