Saturday, January 31, 2009

5 hours sculpt

Challenge 13 over at 3d Total was Fear. The provided base mesh was two cubes, one for the head, another for the blindfold.Some other entries were spiders, sharks, drowning, etc. I picked blindness, both figurative and literal. The inability to see the future, the fear of the unknown. And the more literal, the fear of the dark or loss of sight. One of my biggest fears is losing my ability to see, and therefore create anymore art.

p.s. the santa i did earlier got 3rd place. Woo, free book!

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Jason Barnes said...

WOW! 5 hours?? this is so dope andrew. nice concept too! blindness scares the shit outta me. but i've definitely had nightmares where i've had my hands cut off or fingers mangled and my first thoughts were always "shit! i got so much homework and no hands to do it with."