Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anatomical sculpture

This piece has been done for some 2 months now and I finally had access to a decent camera so I took a few pictures. Tomorrow I will post fliers at the school to see if any photography students would like to help me light and shoot this at a better quality, cuz right now.... ugh....

Anyways, pics should be good enough to get the idea. I'm starting another one, a cartoon character. I hope to be done before next quarter starts up. Should be a much less intensive undertaking, less detail, more exaggeration. WAAAAAY MOAR.

Big thanks to Elio Guevara, Budowick and Bryan Wynia for helping me out on this, the anatomical knowledge i gained from this exercise has been far more useful than I could have imagined.


Joe Karg said...

This is amazing Andrew. I wish I would have done something like that in school. I'm always finding things out that I missed by not taking a closer look at the human body.

Also, I'll be showing some work at Cherrylion this Friday June 12th. So come out if you can make it.


Jason Barnes said...

hahaha, holy shit. this has come a looooooooooooooong way andrew. amazing detail. It's workmanship like this that lands the better studio gigs. you gonna do any creature sculpts outta that clay? could be amazing.

also, I can help ya out with taking pictures of this one. i got a SLR camera the other week for a grad present, Canon T1i. takes incredible pictures. Though i don't have any professional lights or anything, i'm sure with the two of us we could figure out some kind of lighting scheme. let me know if i can help ya out.

ps: that last pic is f***ing frightening.