Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Pretty sure nothing is new on here that isn't somewhere else on my blog, but never the less this beast took FOREVER to make. Mainly because I have never used after effects before, except for very minor rendering stuff.

It sits at about 2:30 and from all the sites I have looked through that seems to be an acceptable demo reel length. I wanted it a little shorter, but I'm not really willing to rip anything out unless there's a really good reason.

Please comment and critique! Be brutal! This thing has to knock the socks off of any employers/artists I show this too. Even minor stuff could be helpful!

Also you can go to my website

by clicking the banner at the top. Again, please comment! Building my first real site (lol, pun) was a huge learning experience as well. Tedious, but worth it. Just like UV's.


Ken said...

hey dude, the reel looks great!

I would offer a critique but I'm not really sure what to say - I'm not a 3D artist so I wouldn't know where to begin from that perspective. It was clear and easy to see your work. I guess just make sure you have a shot breakdown sheet to send out with it, so people know what you did in each bit. Not sure if its a good idea, but maybe some close ups, or a close up camera moving over the models to show details?

Best get in touch with a 3D pro and ask for feedback!

Either way, great work :D

ChrisNeuenschwander said...

Site looks nice Andrew, a couple times I lost the arrow buttons in the gallery because the image came up too large, other than that easy to work through!

Mirella said...


Merry Xmass!!

Jason Barnes said...

yessir. very nice work. the intro is pro as hell. haha

yuchichin said...

Nice model~

Anonymous said...

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Jeff Smith said...

Nice reel. I fortunately got the chance to see it in McGills class when you were working on it. Looks good man!