Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow stuff

The cgtotal challenges were all based around Ice. An ice drill, the abominable snowman, and another creature capable of surviving very cold temperatures.

I'm done with the first two and just starting the low poly creature. I will probably also make the abominable snowman low res and texture him since his silhouette is so clean.

Ice drill: Build up balls of light and shoot them like a HADOKEN. Inspired by ratchet and clank weapons.

Abominable snow man: Mix of chimp and goat. Pose from Mr. Squatch.

Ice creature: Deep sea critter. Mix of angler, eels, translucent fish, and a chicken fetus.


Yusuke Sato said...

aw, I wanna power glove that shoots hadoken. lol
But yea they're all lookin' good! The fishy's translucent-ness' gonna be interesting.

Jason Barnes said...

yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaa! nice work! i still have dreams about the powerglove...and chicken fetuses.

Jeff Smith said...

I really like the knuckle dragging snow man. He is pretty cool.

Mirella said...

that's cool!!!!!

Paul Linsley said...

Awesome sculpts and modeling!