Monday, June 28, 2010

Low poly stuff

I finally got around to doing some low poly and textured pieces.

The skull is part of an environment thing I'm working on. Without spoiling anything, it goes with the angry video game nerd.

Work in progress on James Rolph aka Board James. More on that soon.

This is the low poly mesh with just the normal map.

And here is the finished manticore with a few different lighting schemes. Rendered in the marmoset engine.

I also did a bust, retopo'd it, and did a textre form the reference photos.

The zbrush sculpt:

Aside from the James Rolph thing, I am also working on some anatomical studies. More soon!


Jeff Smith said...

Cool man. Alexi and Manticore look good buddy.

ChrisNeuenschwander said...

Sweet Busts!

Louise Smythe said...

omg that manticore is cool!

pacsauer said...

Definitely digging Alexi. Probably one of your best busts I've seen.

Akorede Ismael Olusola Enitan Jimoh said...

Awesome work here