Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Justice for All

Finally finished my first zBrush head. I wouldn't say it was difficult so much as severely time consuming and tedious, especially the parts I had to tweak like a million times. I left the eyes and shirt off, they didn't look as good as the head. Textures were too bright or shiny or something. Next one will be better!


Yusuke Sato said...

i was gonna title my post sumthin like that, damn u-.
i think everyones came out nice, except for the ppl who didn't finish....

cya sunday :)

Aaron Ault said...

Okay, I can live without the shirt, but Justice is kinda creepin' me out without eyes. Hey, lady Justice really is blind, though, right? Whoa, that's totally deep! Anyway, geez could ya just give him some eyes?