Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Zoo Tastic

Some stuff from the zoo. I kinda get self concious in public when i'm drawing, so my drawings tend to suck even more than usual.


Yusuke Sato said...

looks like u went straight to detail on some of the drawings :(

but hey, you're actually using time to practice unlike other ppl at school, so don't worry about it and keep it up.

I remember back in like 4th quarter or sumthin, my drawings blew serious horse shit. and Elio was the first teacher who actually said "it sucks". After that it was just drawing, drawing, drawing. Of course, i would like to keep it like that until i die.

If ur reading this by any chance, thanx for the advice elio. lol

EL GRANDE said...

Really great studies Andrew. It was so awesome to see you at the zoo. Try and watch your proportions a little more in the future, but otherwise you're doing great.

Joe and Elio