Sunday, April 20, 2008

Drawings and Still life

Some drawings from Warhammer reference, as well as a still life I did last week for a class. I am gonna tweek the lighting and textures a little more. More, much more awesome stuff soon.

This is for a character I have been messing with for a loooong time. I need to go ahead and finish it.

And the maya still life. Still missing something...


Akira said...

I think you are really improving!
Keep it up!

wimPcheeSe said...

I know what you're missing. A bite out of one of the grapes I'd eat. and I really like the monster man with the stomach mouth. I think you should model him.

Mirella said...

Hi!!! I love the first monster and the strange bird^^ But always the fruit made in Maya... wow, made in Maya, it seems a seal!!
Good works!!

EL GRANDE said...

Hey Andrew,
Super creatures up top. You've really got a mind for that stuff. No joke. In regards to still life, I'd say you need to find a focal object, and manuver your camera and lighting around it. I'm sure you want to feature as many objects as possible in the piece, but think you could play just a bit more with it. I'll try and draw up a sketch if I have the time tonight.


Yusuke Sato said...

really nice grapes.
and the crotch-mouth monster.

thumbs up.

andrewQuintiliani said...

Wow, stomache-mouth monster is a big success. Thanks for all the comments. I am still tweaking 2 maya meshes, I'll post em soon!

Jason Barnes said...

hey andrew,

the textures are top notch on the still life. however as the old saying goes "bad lighting can make jessica alba look ugly." i would tweak the lighting. things are getting kinda "blown out" in some areas. also, mess with the colors of the lights.

crank up the diffuse (or whatever setting makes the shadows softer). spotlights in conjunction with point lights can make for some very interesting lighting. i normally use the points as fills, and bottom lights, and the directional spot lights as the key lights.

looking forward to how this turns out.

ps: yeah i know it's kind of an erratic comment but, hopefully it helps a bit.