Saturday, April 26, 2008

Speed modeling and some animations

The scuba guy was a 2-3 hour model. We did the concept and all, start to finish in one class. I'll be doing more to it. We also did a 30 minute model. More on that later. Anyways, the 2-3 hour guy was a scuba warrior type guy. And, some walk cycles.


Yusuke Sato said...

u and ur speedy modelling...
*shaking fist

Jason Barnes said...

not too frikkin' shabby for a speed model! your geometry has a wonderful flow to it, very nice contours for a smooth to act on.

makes me wanna try my hand at speed modeling. however i haven't modeled anything in maya since advanced mod.. you don't wanna know how long ago. i'm bad.

great work on this one though,
keep rollin'

ps: the grapes are kickass! don't change em. they just need better lighting and composition (as joe stated)

Mirella said...

WowowOWO!! I love your maya modellations^^

wimPcheeSe said...

does he have an ass? hahaha im kidding. i love watching you speed model, it blows my effing mind! love it!

Joe Karg said...

Yeah way to go Andrew. Very impressive indeed. I'll fill you in on some more thoughts later. For now, I'm about to speed go to sleep.


Heather Berry said...

I am a late comer but I am still going to leave you posts because your stuff rocks and you just keep on getting better.

I'm sure I've said it but this is really good especially for the time you did it in! Plus it's really creative. Loving the shark fin jet pack.

Bryan Wynia said...

looking cool man. has a great johny quest feel!