Friday, July 11, 2008

Partly Done and Completely Unfinished Stuff

First up is the ninja boy I did for the Siggraph team project with Heather and PJ at the end of last quarter. It is fully rigged and textured and I plan to put up a video, I'm just trying to figure out the best way to put video on here without it compressing it to a quarter inch square.

This was also started last quarter during a speed modeling challenge in a class. I fixed his geomtry and changed him up a bit. I started texturing him, but got side tracted by other projects and stuff. I was going to make him a cross between a frog, a crab, and a brightly colored tropical fish.

I started the base mesh for this a long while back, and decided to go ahead and finish it so I could play with it in Zbrush. I probably should have just started anew base mesh because this one was a little wonky and I ran out of geometry pretty quick. I hit my 8mil cap waaay before I could put in the kind of geometry I wanted.

Still, good practice nonetheless. Kinda looks the same as the stack bug from before though...

I have also started a robot that is a mashup of several Wall-e characters. I only have a little bit done in maya, but before I progress any further I'm gonna take a step back and do some sweet concept art for his internal pieces.

Now that I FINALY got to play Portal, I think I may try to throw some Gladus in there too.


Yusuke Sato said...

zomg stack bug!
It's definately a portfolio piece as of now. Although that stretch on the chest is throwing it off. does it blow up when u subd one more level?

Yusuke Sato said...

i meant to say zomg crab-man!
or whatever it is.......
what was its name/classification?

polllak said...

hey !!! ur designs are really cool !!! see yah !

Joe Karg said...

Man, you are really cranking over the break dude. I think you did more than I did. No foolin. I hope to see you tomorrow some time. I have to teach a class from 9-2:30 at the Spruill Center, but I'll be up at the school after that sorting my schedule out.


Claudio Cerri said...

Hey Andrew how are you? Interesting characters as well! I love you CG model. Did you like Portal the videogame by Valve?

Marco Roblin said...

Great characters Andrew!
The frog-crab tropical fish...The best!!

Mirella said...

amazing work! great, love!!!!

Jason Barnes said...

t-minus 16 hours til class tomorrow.
i wanna see that animation with the Granny and this ninja kid.

the toilet paper roll sword is soooweeeeeeeet. haha

also, bug alien man is looking quite emperial, like some kind of royal roach guard. crazy good too.

Chai said...

that's really awesome

Nelson Luty said...

amazing job andrew is very great