Friday, August 7, 2009

What does a wraith, a horse and a possesed statue have in common?

They are almost done! Or at least they are progressing along.

So, some more work on the horse. Really trying to get a better understanding of it's anatomy. Once you realize what you're looking at, it's odd how similar their anatomy is to ours.

And the wraith. Textures are mostly done, just got a couple seems to play with. I have been experimenting with ambient and alpha maps on his skin and cloak respectively. I would post actual renders but...

THAT is what maya is giving me right now. The normal map must be completely off the scale. I can either tweak some stuff in maya or I may just render him in unreal. Me, Yusuke, and Aaron are putting together a psychological thriller horror level and I have a feeling he will fit in just great.

Speaking of which we have a segemnt similar to bioshock where when you turn your back, the statues move around. So this is them so far. Gonna clean em up a bit and try to find a plaster matcap (or maybe make one). If not he might be bronze or stone.

Also, the goya sculpt will be getting some more attention now that the wraith and horse are finishing up! WOO!


pacsauer said...

Scary... kinda resembles you in the face though :) Rig it up so we can see how he moves

Jason Barnes said...

dude, just watched the baman and piderman shorts. so awesome. the animation is so disgusting and beautiful at the same time, and the posing for the characters, holy shit!! hahah. not to mention his other work is pretty astounding in terms of time turnaround.

Bryan Wynia said...

Look at you go man. Glad to see you doing so much. Everything is looking good.

Anonymous said...

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