Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bust turn arounds

Some busts that I have been working on in very tiny increments. I will post the level that me Yusuke and Aaron have been busting our butts on for the past quarter. But for now I am goin to catch up on sleeeeep. Also, I'm calling the Goya thing done for now.


Amanda said...

dude these look great!! excellent job! :) oh and thanks for the comment on was a HARD angle...i had to line up my reference several times to check a little rusty

Heather Berry said...

The busts look really nice. You did pick some very interesting looking people to say the least and they stand out. So glad you didn't do Angelina Jolie like I see everywhere (even though I know you wouldn't). The blinn shape morphs will look so awesome when finished.

Anonymous said...

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