Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Game Jam 2009

So, last weekend was game jam, a 48 hour contest between groups of students from AIA and SPSU to see who could make the best game. All assets, programming, and even game ideas had to be made within the 48 hours.

So my contribution to H.E.A.T. (Hyper Extreme Attack Tanks, lol) was to model 4 tanks, each with its own set of stats. The game itself is sort of a mash-up between Joust, Blaster Master, and Smash Bros. First day was spent on modeling, second day was for title screen and other junk.

Tank 1 is the Slug. Average build, basically the human in D&D terms, ho-hum.
Tank 2 is the Heavy. Obviously has higher attack and defense, but really low jump and speed. Also fire rate is pretty bad.

Tank 3 is the Bike. This one has the lowest attack and the least amount of armor, but it's also the fastest and has really fast fire rate.
Tank 4 is the Pider. Look up Baman and Piderman. Basically average, but with really great jump ability.


Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

wow you knocked out all of these in two days? that's amazingly awesome....they all look really good

Jason Barnes said...

holy shit..andrew these are incredible for the time constraints! the slug and the heavy are my favorites. so there is a working version of this game out there?? that's a hell of a contest.

Bryan Wynia said...

Fast turn around man. I would love to see the finished game. Great stuff.

Ken said...

That sounds like quite a crazy challenge! I'm digging these tanks... lots of character in them. Good job! Oh and nice creature below.. V cool

Marco Roblin said...

Hey Andrew! Tank 4 is a badass...Great work man! Can't wait to see how you pimp those rides!
Awesome work for sure!

pacsauer said...

Need that tank bike for my rides to work. Would like o see them in an environment

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