Friday, March 14, 2008

Gladiator- brought to you by Bryan Wynia

Original character by Bryan Wynia.

Well, its finally finished... kinda. If I end up needing an extra peice for portfolio or something I will definatly touch up like 15 different things, especially the texturing. There are alot of places that could be much better, but this is the best thing I have done in zBrush this far.

And in maya with textures on:

I just realized i have the eyes wrong. The blind (white) eye should be where the slash is. Although the slash isnt showing up in maya... oh well.

Over the break I will finish up the space goat and the jitterbug. I will get the modeling/sculpting done before I start on the texture for either one.

If anyone wants to see something at a better angle or with armor removed, etc, just leave a comment.


Yusuke Sato said...

man, ur ZBrush looks real nice.
it be incredible if u can transfer that nice detail to maya.

and ur textures are going nice too.
10x better than my fooked up textures.

Mirella said...

Oh, good job!!! you're great^^

Bryan Wynia said...

You really impressed me with this guy. I enjoy the changes you made to the concept. The lions crest alpha came out great. Can't wait to see the next sculpt.

Lena said...

OO!!!Super!It is grandiose!Very good image and illumination!
Many thanks for your kind words!
I have drawn a portrait of the criminal from a photo , but I saw it earlier. It as a satan.
Good bye!!Lena.

EL GRANDE said...

Damn dude. Sick job. I sort of miss the nipple rings though. DAMN YOU WYNIA!:)


Heather Berry said...

This turned out really amazing!! Wish I could have been there to see you finish it. Oh well. The detail in the cloth and armor blows my mind XD