Sunday, March 30, 2008


I think the biggest thing I got out of the production video (Smile) I saw from modeling last quarter was how well the guy in the video reused his old geometry form other stuff. So, it seemed like a good idea to find some turnarounds of really acurate and average male and female. I found some forum with scans out of an anatomy book.

Anyways, I started this yesterday and got it mostly blocked out. He still has mitten hands and feet (no fingers yet), his face is off, and it needs a little tweeking. I tried to keep the geometry super low and I'm going to make another version with no real face, just a few basic planes.


EL GRANDE said...

Looking really solid Andrew. Can't wait for next Monday.


Heather Berry said...

This is a really good idea actually. Making generic male and female models and then reusing them. I will have to get on it, thanks for tip. It's looking good.