Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gladiator: part 2

I didn't really like my final gladiator head texture. Well, I did, but it was more of a happy accident than anything, plus this gave me an excuse to figure out how to use painting in Zbrush as well as how to make movies. Turns out both things are super easy. I think I might paint the entire guy over again now that I figured out how to use the eyedropper.

Also, Warhammer Online has a limited edition game bundle with tons of concept art (500 pages) plus a ticket for beta. I have their site on the side bar.

One more thing. 11 minutes of pure insanity. Think Metal slug meets super-happy-big-headed-chibi-anime cuteness meets a serial killer's imagination on LSD.

I think the most disturbing thing to note is that it makes sense to someone.


Joe Karg said...

Hey Andrew, This is looking really cool man. Also, you and Sato need to come talk to me and Elio sometime next week. We want to start training you to be T.A.s for after Wynia and I graduate. We will be there all day on Monday, if you want to swing in then.


Bryan Wynia said...

Looking good man. I'm glad you have picked up on z-brush so quickly. I think the highlights may be a bit intense but other then that this is really starting to come along. Keep it up man!